Technology Transfer & Licensing

Timoney provide a unique solution in meeting local commercial needs and the building of know-how in all aspects of vehicle design, development and manufacture.

Technology Transfer and Training

Timoney provides a unique solution to building local knowledge and expertise. This can be a multifaceted approach which we have successfully demonstrated in working with a number of our customers. Your team of people will be involved in all aspects of the project from design, to development, testing, sign-off and product delivery. By having your team integrated within a dynamic project team, it creates the environment for professional development of your staff, it assists with the utilization of local manufacturing and it helps to guarantee the success of the project.

Being part of an integrated team provides your people with direct hands-on experience in all aspects of the product life cycle. They are there from the start and intimately involved in the decision making and, as importantly, in generating the trade-off comparisons used in arriving at the solution. When back in their own office they are then in a position to make decisions and grow the local capabilities.

Being part of this team provides for greater growth of your key staff and helps to build a local, integrated solution in-country. This exposure builds long term partnerships that foster mutual growth for the benefit of all parties. Team members are not just in Engineering, but all disciplines necessary to make a multi-functional team work well together. The team approach is instilled in all – to work to gather together to provide a seamless solution to your problems.

Local Manufacture

Local manufacture is an option through the use of our Manufacturing Licensing Agreement. Timoney will license you to enable the product to be manufactured in-country to increase local content, and security of supply. Timoney provide support in the selection and approval of local suppliers to meet your quality demands.