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Ride and Handling Service Package


Improving machine Ride and Handling requires a holistic review of the full machine, not just the suspension and driveline.

We start by assessing the performance of the current machine, combining customer feedback with our simulation, testing and analysis tools.

Our Ride and Handling Service can improve the safety, durability and productivity of your machine. We evaluate the key factors to provide expert solutions based on analysis, allowing you to focus on areas other than machine Ride and Handling.


Benefits to Construction Equipment OEM's

Up to 80% of product development costs are defined by decisions made early in the design process.

The time and cost required to change these decisions increase significantly as the project progresses.

Incorporating our Ride and Handling Service at an early stage of the design process helps with better decision making before committing to hardware, giving designers the opportunity to make changes without drastically affecting costs.

Benefits to Construction Equipment OEM's

Benefits to the End User

Safety is an absolute priority in the construction sector and can always be improved.

Ride and Handling translates into operator confidence, which influences safety and productivity. We believe a safe machine means a productive operator.

Improved Ride and Handling allows operators to do their job safer, quicker and for longer.



Benefits to the End User
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