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Ready to electrify your heavy duty vehicle? How to drive the wheels is only part of the solution; what about performance predictions, battery sizing and range?

Defining the vehicle duty cycle is critical when it comes to understanding the benefits of heavy duty vehicle electrification.

Read on to understand how our TIS9e series hybrid powertrain and our EV performance calculation software can help vehicle OEM’s electrify their vehicles.

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TIS9e Electric Drive

The TIS9e is a series hybrid powertrain, providing independent power and torque control at each axle.

Compatible with any fuel source that can be used to generate electricity at the appropriate voltage level, the TIS9e axle provides the ideal future-proofed means of integrating new, cleaner technologies, as and when they become feasible.

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TIS9e Electric Drive

Performance Calculations

What are the benefits of electrifying your vehicle? For a given duty cycle, our EV Performance Calculation software can:

  • Predict vehicle performance.
  • Estimate fuel savings.
  • Estimate battery size and operating range.
  • Estimate tank-to-wheel and well-to-wheel efficiency.


Performance Calculations

6x6 Case Study

Using our EV Performance Calculation software, we completed trade off studies to evaluate key performance traits of an existing 6×6 ICE vehicle and compared results against a series HEV. Key results included:

  • On average, the HEV produced an 18% fuel saving versus the ICE vehicle.
  • Vehicle performance met or exceeded requirements.
  • Minimal weight penalty associated with the conversion to HEV.

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6x6 Case Study
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