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Your heavy-duty vehicle mobility partner
Your heavy-duty vehicle mobility partner

For over 50 years, our expertise and deep knowledge of heavy-duty vehicles has enabled our clients to develop best in class vehicles. Our agility and collaborative approach has helped clients to succeed in complex projects with demanding timelines.

Read on to learn how Ride & Handling increases customer Productivity, reduces Safety risks and improves product Durability.

  • High performing suspension systems
  • Advanced Engineering Services
  • Vehicle development and upgrades
  • 50+ years' experience of vehicle design
  • Technology transfer

High Performing Suspensions

The patented Timoney ADT Axle is the only fully independent suspension system available for Articulated Dump Trucks.

Proven in the field to be robust and reliable, the Timoney ADT axle tackles the root cause of what operators experience as “Whole Body Vibrations” (WBV). The Timoney ADT axle minimises WBV ‘at the source’, resulting in increased safety, productivity and reliability.

Total Cost of Ownership is a key requirement for companies operating construction equipment. Getting Ride & Handling right reduces vibration levels contributing to higher productivity and product durability.

High Performing Suspensions

Advanced Engineering Services

Up to 80% of product development costs are defined by decisions made early in the design process.

Working with Timoney from an early stage of the design process helps with better decision making, providing the opportunity to make changes without drastically affecting costs.

We start by defining the vehicle baseline performance, combining customer feedback with our simulation, testing and analysis tools.

Advanced Engineering Services

Electric Vehicle Development

Electrification projects significantly change the architecture of the vehicle and its weight distribution. Ensuring optimal Ride & Handling is most relevant to guarantee productivity, safety and durability.

Ride & Handling is also important for unmanned vehicles. Obviously, operator comfort is less of a factor, but the sensitive equipment needs to be protected from high shock loads and vibrations.

Electric Vehicle Development

Experience in Other Sectors: Defence, Fire

Defence vehicles are designed for the toughest operational environments where ‘mission survival’ is paramount.

Every second counts in the Airport Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) sector. Reaching the crash site quickly and safely is the ultimate test of heavy-duty vehicle Ride & Handling.

Our experience in these sectors is relevant to the construction sector too. Our solutions help ensure a job can be done quickly and safely.

Experience in Other Sectors: Defence, Fire
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