Every project has different and often conflicting requirements. With over 50 years of experience designing vehicles for extreme duty applications in defence, construction and fire markets, we understand all steps in this process.

Our project team will work with you on visualising the end-product and what’s required to get there. Our approach is flexible: we collaborate with your team to find the most efficient solution.

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Let's start with assessing the vehicle.

Using modelling and simulation tools, we help our customers understand the root cause of poor Ride & Handling.

With our proven 3rd party and in-house technology, we will carry out a series of virtual simulation tests to determine how the vehicle will perform in its intended environment.

Our Assessment includes measurement of vehicle metrics, identifying the areas for improvement and proposing solutions to achieve superior vehicle performance.

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Let's start with assessing the vehicle.
Going Electric

We’re excited about the growing trend for electrification of heavy-duty vehicles. In recent years, our design teams have built up considerable expertise working on electrified and autonomous vehicle projects. We work closely with our battery partners in EV conversion projects. The starting point is a Feasibility study that help us understanding the different technical scenarios, cost and timeline involved in the project.

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Going Electric