An immersive approach to technology transfer

For over 50 years, we’ve championed close working relationships with our clients, especially when it comes to transferring knowledge, technology and know-how. What we offer is the complete opposite of a plug-and-play approach.

Back in 1970’s, we developed a unique technology transfer model to mitigate any issue with transfer early in the design process. We wanted to ensure the success and smooth progression of local manufacturing.

With long and detailed production processes and timelines for heavy-duty vehicle components, time, consideration and engineering expertise is essential to ensure a smooth-running end product. This is our skillset – and we don’t expect our clients to grasp this overnight.

We like to do things differently at Timoney. We build collaborative client relationships, working as colleagues rather than assuming the traditional supplier-customer roles. We invite clients to send their manufacturing personnel, managers and engineers to come to our office and join our teams so that everyone – client and supplier – is learning on the job together. Client teams are brought into every aspect of the project from design to development, testing, sign-off and product delivery. We work together to select, test and refine the manufacturing components. This way, they can see first-hand any potential issues, and will be better equipped to make informed decisions when working with the technology at their local plant.

More can be assimilated through being immersed in the actual process than by clicking through a series of PowerPoint slides. Everyone leaves the process more technically educated; empowered to operate the technology independently.

And we know this process works. Our long-standing client relationships prove that this approach pays dividends –for us and for them – and this is across all sectors of our business; Defence, Construction and Fire.

It’s about building relationships, and providing an environment where knowledge is shared, rather than taught.

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