Users and operators of defence vehicles face a number of challenges as vehicles in their fleet start to age, including:

  • The vehicle is no longer supported by the OEM;
  • Spare parts are not available due to obsolescence;
  • The original vehicle design does not meet current operational requirements;
  • Ageing vehicles slow the fleet down.

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Extend the in-service life of your fleet

Vehicle upgrade programmes are a cost-effective and faster way of improving operational capability and extending the in-service life of existing fleets. Finding independent expertise to support upgrade programmes adds significant value.

Examples of how we have helped clients upgrade their vehicles include:

  • Conducting a 360° vehicle assessment with the customer to identify problem areas and agree systems to be upgraded;
  • Agreeing the vehicle performance targets and constraints;
  • Specifying off-the-shelf systems from in-country suppliers (where available);
  • Designing new systems when off-the-shelf solutions are not available.
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Extend the in-service life of your fleet
Benefits to the Customer

Cost-effective, self-sustaining, solution;

  • Collaborate with local partners to build local expertise with increased local content;
  • By understanding the complex relationship between all vehicle systems we can assess the full vehicle and advise how to upgrade your vehicle;
  • We can design tailored solutions when an off-the-shelf solution is not available;
  • Customer controlled supply chain options.
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Benefits to the Customer