Timoney ADT I.S.

The Timoney Independent Suspension Systems is the only true full independent suspension system available in the marketplace for Articulated Dump Trucks (worldwide patents pending).

The system provides the following features:

  • Productivity gains of up to 50% over existing systems.
  • Reduces driver's upper body lateral acceleration, vertical acceleration at the driver's seat which results in a reduction in the overall vibration dose seen by the driver.
  • Significant legislation will shortly greatly limit the overall vibration dose that can be transmitted to the driver. Our system is significantly below this threshold
  • Excellent ride and operator comfort which reduces driver fatigue.
  • Faster overall vehicle speed across rough terrain by decoupling the effect of asymmetrical wheel loading.
  • Based on over 30 years experience on military vehicles.
  • Modular design provides very flexible platform.

Tested at maximum service loads in excess of 1.2 million cycles.